For sale pictures (Note: This car has been sold)

In the above picture, you can see the "ding" on the lower rear quarter panel. It's amazing how many people flat don't see this unless you point it out to them. This is the biggest flaw on this car and really should be fixed, but I never got around to it.

Interior flaw: Upper left corner of the glovebox, there is a small chip.

Interior flaw: This is actually stained. The leather is soft and supple even on the stain. I have no idea what this is - it was there when I bought the car.

Small cracks in the driver's headrest.

78,053 miles. This car had ~46,000 miles when I bought it around May 2004. It's been driven regularly since then and very well taken care of. The best way to get a vintage daily driver is to buy one that's being driven daily. Cars literally rot when they sit idle.

iPod dock. I'll leave it there for you. Newer iPods are thinner than this dock was made for and will need something between the back of the dock and the iPod to hold them there. You could simply glue two or three more layers of felt on there and that would solve it.

Binnacle cracks. Very common on DeLoreans.

Here you can see the cruise control module on the left, red silicon vacuum lines, and stainless steel fuel lines. All lines in the rear are stainless, including the return line and the line from the fuel filter. I sprung for the whole package. On the right you can see the original coolant bottle. I am told these are "ticking time bombs" ... they apparently have a habit of splitting and throwing all of your coolant on the ground. This one has never given me any problems and is in good shape so I've kept it, but have always wanted to replace it as insurance against getting stranded. Stainless steel bottles to replace this are about $200. Still, I trust it as it is and would drive it anywhere.

Above three shots are of rear strut towers & underneath car. This car is incredibly clean.

New windshield before installation. From Uroglas in the United Kingdom. Brand new Pilkington glass. Next few shots will show windshield after installation. The guy who installed it took #2 in the nation last year at windshield installing competitions (yeah, apparently they do that). He did a perfect job.

DeLorean Dealer Sign. Backlit. Uses standard fluorescet bulbs, all of which were broken when I bought the sign. I have not tested the ballasts. This could be 120 or 240 volt, no idea. Sign is literally 12 feet long. I was told they weighed 400lbs when I bought it, but I don't think that's realistic. I haven't weighed it but would guess 250lbs +/- 50lbs is a reasonable estimate.

Stainless on the front is in good shape. Just needs a good cleaning. The lines you see are not really "damage", just scuff marks and would clean up real easy.

Blue overspray from something. It was there when I bought the sign. Would polish off of the stainless with ease, but that white backing should be replaced.

Cracks in the letter "O". Honestly, I would replace all of that white backing. The sign can not be taken apart easily, unfortunately, it is riveted together. All of the black paint really needs to be sanded and repainted, anyway. If you want to have a really perfect looking sign, you should drill the rivets out, take the whole thing apart, sand and repaint the black. The white stuff should be cut out from the back of the sign face (it appears it's just being held in with a big thick bead of silicon) and replaced, any sign shop should have the stuff. While it's out, finish repainting the front, and clean the stainless up. Then rivet it all back together.