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    DeLorean iPod install DeLorean: iPod

What self-respecting geek doesn't have an iPod in his car?
Oh, but how to install it without damaging any of the panels in my DeLorean?
Behold my custom plexiglass iPod mount!

The iPod is covered with an exo3 "snow" covering and a clear screen cover. This doesn't protect it from drops, but that's OK because I don't drop it. It does, however, shield it completely from any scratches.

Below, you see the raw mount. It's a little ugly when the iPod isn't on it, which isn't a big deal because if I'm driving the car, the iPod is on it.

The mount is a "compression fit" that simply presses onto the side panel. Felt is glued to it to protect the leather. You can see (below) that it has made an indentation in the leather just in front of it, however, this is temporary and can be rubbed out in just a few quick seconds.

The mount is surprisingly strong and has never fallen off in any driving situation, except when bumped by the passenger (rarely happens). It was made with some scrap plexiglass I had laying around by carefully measuring the iPod and heating the plexiglass with a heat gun. The "docking" unit is a Belkin auto adapter installed in a dedicated cigarette lighter socket hidden behind the dash. This adapter pauses the iPod when I turn the key off.

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