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    1986 Pontiac Fiero SE 3800SC    

I sold this car in the summer of 2004.

- Engine: 1992 Series I 3800SC (3.8l SuperCharged)
- Transmission: 4T60EHD
- Exhaust: Custom 2.5" exhaust
- Options: PW, PDL, PM, CC, Tilt, AC, Performance Sound (factory subwoofer)
- More info: Glass sail panels, boost gauge integrated with tach, cruise control lamp in place of shift lamp, front mounted battery, custom suspension, Addco rear sway bar, shift knob with functional normal/sport shift button, auto dimming rear view mirror.

I bought this vehicle on 8/17/2001 from a gentleman in California as a replacement for my beloved '85 GT. Flew down to pick her up, then took her on a 13 hour drive home. She performed flawlessly.

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Boost Gauge Info

I've received over a dozen requests for info on how the boost gauge was done. Here is the info, straight from the previous owner who did the work:

Tach/Boost gauge came from a Sunbird Turbo or Sylcone (same dash).

You'll need a 2 BAR map and the 4 cyl tach needs a mod. Changing the cap won't work. Cut the traces to pins 3 and 11 of the thinfilm resistor chip and solder a 1M ohm trimmer across C3 on the board. Adjust the trimmer for the correct RPM reading. Adjust it at 3000 RPM or greater to minimize the error.

It takes some trimming on the face and on the right indicator housing to get it to fit. You'll see. Also, add a 194 bulb in the lower area to backlight the bottom of the tach more completely.

With the key on, and engine off, adjust the CT yellow trimmer to 0 boost. Mine was off a bit. The gauge will read -1/+1 BAR (-15/+15).

That's it! If you have any further questions, please email them to me. I will not give out the previous owner's name or email address, however, if you have questions that I cannot answer I will be happy to forward your email address to him.

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