Under construction pictures

No hovercraft project would be complete without a shop! Mine is a covered carport, measuring approximately 12' wide, 40' long and 12' tall. I purchased some thick construction-grade plastic sheeting and hung it around the two edges that weren't already enclosed. Due to the way I attached the plastic to the roof, there are vents along the top of the right side. This lets enough of the fumes out so it doesn't get too bad in there. Nevertheless, it retains heat fairly well.

This is how I keep myself warm and cure my panels out. It's a 30,000BTU propane heater. I can get my shop up to 70-80 degrees within minutes and keep it that way for up to 14 hours on $7 worth of propane. (My digital camera did something weird to the top of the left picture)

Panels H8A (left) & H8B (right). You'll notice H8B has some black & white markings on the right side of it. This is newspaper. I glassed the first side with the unfinished panel sitting on some. The resin went through the cracks where the foam was joined and permenantly attached the paper to it. I tore off the loose stuff and fiberglassed the rest right in. I don't think it will cause any problems. If it does, I can always cut that panel out in a few years and replace it. From this point forward, I have used leftover microballoon putty (from making hardpoints) to seal the cracks before I glass. It also does a better job of holding the panels together while I move them around unglassed. (I still use hot glue to join them)

Panels H7 (left - there are two of them, one behind the other) and H9 (right - there are also two of these, as you can see).

This is panel H6, the main floor panel. It's unfinished here. All hardpoints are in now (although there are 9 up front that aren't in this picture). I ran out of 6oz cloth and have some more on it's way. When it arrives later in the week, I'll have the wood hardpoints in this panel and it will be ready to glass. By the end of the week (Saturday, November 6th), I expect to have this panel joined with H8A, H8B, both H7's and both H9's. At this point I'll be able to put in the main fan bay panels, H1 and H1A. I'll need to order my fan shrouds from Sevtec soon. (No, I don't want to build them myself - The $150 Barry charges for the pair is more than worth my money)

I'll post more pictures soon.