Under construction pictures

Here's my bench. The "top" of the bench (left picture) is not actually the top. It's just some extra 1" foam I had laying around. The actual top is in the right picture, drying. It's 1/2" foam glassed with 6oz cloth over 1.5oz mat. Only one side is done here; I'll flip it over and finish the other side tonight.

When complete, this bench will go in the front of the craft, right in the center. The pilot & copilot seats will be mounted on it, with a throttle between them.

A couple of "overall" pictures. The two big boxes in the front contain my seats.

These are the rails that allow the seats to slide back and forth. They were a little rusty, so I sanded them down and put an anti-rust primer on them. Since they may be partially visible when installed, I painted them with a glossy black enamel.

Edit: I decided against using these seats.