Under construction pictures

This is the craft from the rear. The dog kennel at the bottom was used to help keep panel H1A (the tall "back" you see here) precisely at 12 degrees while I glassed it in place. This panel stays up on it's own now; I just haven't bothered to remove the kennel yet. To the right (background), panel H1 leans against a pole. H1 will go behind H1A, creating the fan bay.

Here is a closer picture of the lower left side of what will be the fan bay. The white stuff is microballoon putty, used to fill in the joints between panels. Fiberglass strips consisting of 6 oz cloth over 3/4 oz mat are then placed over the top. This is done at every joint, on both sides of the craft. (Although currently only one side is complete - after adding more panels, I will flip the hull over and finish the other side)

I've run out of things to say. :) Here are a few more pictures of the hull up to this point. This reflects 56 hours worth of work and roughly 3 weeks.