Under construction pictures

Deck stringers. Note that the plans specify these extend the full length of the craft. I didn't extend them up front because I'm changing the shape of the bow. I will be extending them to the rear of the craft, however. The reason they aren't extended all the way back in this picture is because I screwed up and put the fan bay together too soon. No biggie. (Edit: I ended up extending the stringers to the front when I realized the bow probably depended on them to transfer braking force to the entire craft - doh!)

The decking starts to come together.

My gas tank. As you can see, it's a little big. I bought a 55 gallon tank. I really wanted a 40-45 gallon, but the place I bought it from didn't have one that size. The next smallest size from the 55 gallon was a 26 gallon, which wasn't enough for me. This will work out well, though: The seat is going to be about a foot too big. To "fix" this, I'm going to build a thick, removable backrest/cushion. This will attach to the rear of the craft (panel H1A) and will rest on the oversized seat. The result will be to shorten the seat up to a standard size and give passengers a nice, soft backrest.

This backrest will be easily removeable. I don't know if I'll use snaps or velcro or what, but I'll figure that out when I get to it. With it removed, the rear seat will be large enough for a very comfortable bed. At roughly 6' wide, it will fit my 5'7" body perfectly. (Edit: I returned this fuel tank - turned out it was going to be way too big)