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    Widescreen vs. Fullscreen    

Many years ago, I wanted to learn Flash so I created this widescreen/OAR (Original Aspect Ratio) vs. "fullscreen" (Pan & Scan) tutorial. At the time - and, perhaps, even still today - many people were confused with DVDs displaying black bars above and below the image. The simple truth of aspect ratio difference between a wide display in a theater and a square television set at home just didn't make sense to everyone. So, one day while I was home with a nasty cold (thus the terrible voiceover), I sat down, taught myself Flash and created this.

This tutorial has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide and, in it's day, helped to change the minds of many who supported the atrocity that is pan & scan. Roger Ebert featured it in his movie review column on January 5th, 2003, and labeled it "excellent." Roger, I couldn't agree more.

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